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Natural Ventilation Air Products

For Schools, Colleges, Universities. All products supplied to a Natural Ventilation Scheme are manufactured in the UK

Displacement Ventilation Systems

Technical Air Services our sister company, have been designing and supplying Displacement systems for over l2 years now, to a varied customer base.

Displacement Systems has been in practice for many years, but due to high increase in Energy costs, energy efficiency has become a major consideration of project design.

Over the years of experience in this field, we have developed our own computerised Displacement calculation programme which can provide assistance in the design of low Velocity discharge energy efficient schemes. To compliment our programme we can also provide you with a 3D short demonstration through our thermal imaging service which confirms any questions you or your client may have regarding the design and performance. We feel that architectural/practical system that displacement can provide will be excellent to use in the Food Court, Lecture Hall, Drama studio or Theatre.

A few projects using this system
Co-operative Retail Society
M R I Lecture theatre – Manchester
G MEX Seminar Rooms - Wrexham


High Inductive Swirl Diffuser

The use of high induction swirls is for the supply of cooled or heated air in facilities such as schools, offices etc.
The diffuser for ceiling or exposed duct mounting.
To fit in most ceiling grids including tegular.
We have fixed blade and adjustable blades and Motorised adjustable pattern, for heights from 4m – 12m. .


Displacement Ventilation Systems
High Inductive Swirl Diffuser

Linear Bar Grilles
Fire & Smoke Dampers
VAV Terminal Boxes
Ceiling Diffusers Supply & Extract - Square & Circular
Computer Room and Floor Grilles
Test Laboratory
Thermal Imaging

Linear Bar Grilles

Linear bar grilles are back in the Architect world.
With multiple uses.
Extruded Aluminium linear bar grilles with a choice of 0, 15 45o deflected
Blade options and available with border flanges, flat bar sides or supplied As core only.
The linear bar grilles are suitable for supply and extract functions in sil, Sidewall and ceiling applications.


Fire and Smoke Dampers

Smoke like air, will pass through a ventilation system.
The purpose of a smoke damper is to prevent the progression of smoke through the system. To be truly effective therefore, a smoke damper must have low leakage factor. A combination fire/smoke damper has more demanding criteria, It must maintain its physical integrity in the most demanding conditions of temperature and throughout this period it must maintain a low leakage rate if it is not capable of doing this, then it cannot be an effective fire/smoke damper.

We have a vast range of fire/smoke dampers a separate booklet Is available.

VAV Terminal Boxes

Available in box or circular.
These boxes are designed for single duct high velocity constant or variable flow rate.
Can be used as Supply or Exhaust.
The air flow rate control is pressure independent and achieved by a precision Engineered damper which modulates in response to a differential pressure sensor and an electronic velocity control device with motor.

Designed for flow rates from 50 up to 6000 m3/h
Available in 7 sizes
Standard equipped with silencer, secondary silencer available.

Designed for flow rates from 50up to 2250 m3/h


Ceiling Diffusers Supply & Extract, Square & Circular

Illustrated are very small range of our vast range of Ceiling
diffusers. The full range is available in a separate brochure.

Multicone diffusers
Commonly known as louvre face diffusers.
Available in 1-4 directional blow.
Available also in Tegular 8 or l6mm.
Bespoke manufactured for retro fitting.
Suitable for almost any ceiling supply or extract installation.
The host of variations in size, shape and configuration together
with its efficient performance.

Square diffuser
Square diffuser with an adjustable air pattern.
Air pattern can be adjusted in 5 positions (horizontally-vertically)
Removable deflector plate.
Direct fixing on a circular duct possible.
CS500 for false ceiling mounting.
S600 for surface mounting.
This diffuser can be mounted in the ceiling where high aesthetic standards are required.
Due to its stable air distribution, it can also be used for a VAV terminal boxes.

Circular diffuser
Circular diffuser with adjustable air pattern.
Air pattern adjustable in 5 positions (horizontally-vertically).
Removable deflector plate.
Direct fixing on a circular duct possible.
This diffuser is a circular version of the CS500 and can be used in the same nature.
An option it can be supplied with a telescopic damper.

Circular diffuser
Circular diffuser with adjustable pattern suitable for mounting at high altitudes.
Adjustable in five positions.
This diffuser is used for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air in facilities such as halls where higher altitudes are necessary.
This product was supplied to the Wembley stadium.


Computer Room & Floor Grille

Computer room floor grille.
Supplied with or without damper.
Standard depth 20mm factory fitted.
Corner packing units or adjustable screen to suit requested depth.
Overall size 599 x 599 on 12.5 mm centres.
Removable core extruded aluminium, satin anodised.
Steel frame 25mm thickness pained black.

Floor grille combined with a swirl diffuser.
Horizontal or vertical swirl-form air pattern
Removable grille tile.
Available with dust basket that can be used as damper.
Floor grille and outer ring are made of aluminium billet.
Glassball blasted.
Sizes available are 150 & 200 dia.


Test Laboratory

Grada Uk has an extensive range of testing facilities available to consultants and Architects to assist in clarification in terms of performances of our products (throw, pressure drop, air passage sound production, cooling capacity.

This is not only important for the technical/product sheets of current products Available,but for our continued investment in new products for excellent Quality of Air that everyone deserves.


Thermal Imaging

The benefits of Thermal Imaging at design stage

Computer aided air flow modelling can provide an accurate simulation of the Design conditions that can be expected within the occupied space of a building.

This is achieved by inputting the technical characteristics and construction of the Building fabric and the design air flow and temperatures for the occupied space. The thermal imaging programme will accurately predict the space temperatures and terminal velocities so as to satisfy the design team that the installed system will fully meet with the client requirements.
Thermal imaging also provides a highly cost effective way of testing special bespoke air terminal devices, so as to ensure that accurate air flow characteristics and technical design data is obtained for the unit. All tests are simulated in 3D. A short recording of the modelling is provided along with variable data from air flow omissions etc.


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